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The wiki site started so that people could unleash their creativity via constructed worlds, alternative history, stories, RPGs and more! Please refer to the rules before you start editing and to the approval page if you are a new user. 14 Articles, 110 Images and 5,986 edits since June 2013.

What is Imagine Project?

What is this site about?

'Imagine Project is a project to create a comprehensive wiki site with constructed worlds, alternative history, stories and RPGs. We aim to provide the best place to write about anything, in a friendly atmosphere, with like minded people. Originally created in 2013 as the role playing wiki, The Online RPG, Imagine was renamed and refocused in 2015, and now intends to be the best creative wiki on the Wikia network!

Our Content

The users of this wiki have been creating own RPGs and characters for the last 2 years, and will soon be creating constructed worlds and stories for your enjoyment.

If you are thinking of starting up your own RPG, or creating a world, then make sure to read our awesome tutorial page, and be approved.

Featured RPGs


This RPG is the winner of the Best RPG of the Month contest/award, judged by The Darkwolf, Nikoali Banks and Wildy. For more information about it, click on it's link. The resulting page will be the original article to be able to read the rest of it.


Some of the best images on the wiki.


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Your feedback will be used to help us improve the wiki!

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September: A welcome to our new user Demon!

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