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  • My occupation is Student
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  • Master Shadow Warrior

    Axquiartel RPG

    November 22, 2013 by Master Shadow Warrior

    The Age of Plenty has ended in a tide of blood and death, as the world is reforged anew to start the Age of Survival.

    Humanity, shattered and broken from the loss of so much, now arrives on the Island continent of Axquiartel to start a new life from the one they lost. Out of this springs many tribes, each seeking control of resources and food, even Axquiartel itself. Will you lead your tribe to its glory? Or its destruction?

    • This is an Rpg that allows you to create a tribe in the early days of the Age of Survival, to be a part of the war to survive. Your objective is to simply allow your tribe to survive in this harsh world, peacefully or not.
    • Your faction may die, depending on your choices and what you do in this harsh world. This can happen …

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  • Master Shadow Warrior

    The Arena

    August 22, 2013 by Master Shadow Warrior

    This is just a short quick RPG, just to give me time to think on Nylosos.

    The Arena, a place of death, rivalry, and blood. This is where races from all over the galaxy shed there blood for the ultimate prize, survival. Men, and other such races, face off against beast's of all planets, each other, and even the judgment of the crowd. You could be teamed at one point, then fight each other in the next. There are no friends, only enemies.

    • No Mary Sue's
    • No Op Characters
    • No more then one character, as this is meant to be short, if you die you die for good.
    • Follow wikia rules

    Humans: Biologically enhanced, these people have a wide range of skills and are considered the Jack of all trades, being pretty average in a aspects, strength, stealth, and agili…

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  • Master Shadow Warrior

    "Sarradin is in chaos, the old empire has fallen to invasions to the north, and the failure of its leaders. Now, the people are on the verge of taking up arms against this once mighty state, and there are fears that a civil war may come. Now, it is up to you, the RPer's. Shall the old ways of the empire still stand? or shall it be replaced and rebuilt anew"

    This RPG, created by me, Master Shadow Warrior, will determine the course of history for my nation on the Creative Universes wiki, The Sarradin. I am new to all this so forgive me if I make any mistakes.

    Follow the wika rules

    No OP charaters

    This is medieval fantasy so no modern weapons and only magic if your charater is part of a certain descent. (more info on that below.

    When creating your…

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