Scourge of Hatred

aka Mal Amelia Schulz

  • I live in Where ever I wish
  • My occupation is Conqueror
  • I am Whatever I want to be
  • Scourge of Hatred

    The Razkail Universe is a dark and strange place. Who are you in this wide and great universe? Are you a conquerer, a Raider, or just a average civilian of some Xeno Empire. Will you rise to the challanges you face, or will you be crushed by them? Will you fall to your knees in the rebirth of the Mal'rak, or push them back into their graves? Fall or Rise, Live or Die, Rule or be Enslaved. You decide, your fate and everyone else's is in your own hands!

    This RPG, and the universe it is featured in, is created by myself Scourge of Hatred. This RPG will focus in the "Modern Times" of the Razkail Universe right about when the Mal'rak are reborn. This RPG, and it's characters in it, will decide the fate of the everyone, including the Engima known…

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